Our Mission


Our mission



"Pure Honey Straight From Proffessionals"



Beekeepers in professional cooperation, Founded in 2018

63 Producer

57 Producer

An average of 100 producing bee families per member

Hungarian manufacturing honey

Hungarian manufac-turing honey

National presence: 16 out of 19 counties

On-farm network

The backbone of the on-farm network

100% participation in the on-farm network with organic acids against varroa mite

100% Natural Honey

100% Natural Honey

100% Natural Honey

100% Natural Honey

100% Natural Honey

6 members certified 38 members are in the process of certification

Reliable sampling

Reliable sampling

Representative average weighted honey samples

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking


The key to our producer cooperation is to strengthen trust, improve predictability, consciously train and educate farmers, and make the regulatory environment conducive. These provide added value that gives us the distinctive character of the honey we produce.


Technical development

Strict, two-way tracking system.


Background support

Administrative background support

Expert advice

Consulting background support and on-farm community development


For a dealer, customers are just as important as they need reliable suppliers! Get to know our quality assurance system to make sure that if you choose us, the excellent raw material is guaranteed! The key to the security of the future is the traceable raw material, which is also a guarantee of customer satisfaction.
Tiszta méz

Clean goods

Prior to sampling, the floated impurities are covered from the top of the honey and the inside of the barrel lids is wiped clean.


Preliminary samples

For both flowable and crystallized honeys, the barrels are patterned at full depth.

Traceability and transparency

Since 2019, the production phases are done with site and time coordination photo documentation.

Other said...

I joined the on-farm network two years ago because it’s important to me by the whole team the need to know the purest possible, chemical-free products on our own, and put it on the table of our customers, be it the aunt next door or even a market-leading honey factory. THE From now on, we have already looked for the possibility of working together on how to find a reliable, traceable form of sales that generates predictable revenue. Thus the following year I found myself at the inaugural meeting of the Elite - Beekeeping Cooperative ……

Simai Krisztián
Simai Krisztián

organic beekeeper, owner of "the honey of the year" price in 2018.



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It all started in 2013 … a team of enthusiastic, ready-made beekeepers joined the on-farm network. The essence of the on-farm: experimenting with beekeeping technology catches and testing in real producing apiaries; without the use of conventional chemical-based methods. From year to year, the discourse was held on so-called “designer days” to develop and test methods that highlight us from the average honey category.


Our greatest value is our shared ambition to use the methods that keep our honeybees in good condition without residue, producing the best quality honey and bee products.

our team

We are a good team whose members do not regret to sacrifice our energy to operate our production in our own quality assurance system.